Sector: Enogastronomic – Equipment and machinery for the restaurant trade
Venue: ExpoCoruña
Dates: Sunday 12nd to Tuesday 14th March 2017
Opening times: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm
Periodicity: Biennial
Activities: Cooking demonstrations with food tastings, wine tastings, Pairings, product presentations, themed talks and demonstrations given by experts in the gastronomic field, awards.
Exhibitor profile: Food and drink manufacturers, distributers, dealers and wholesalers, service industry, gastronomic publications, institutions and organizations. Equipment and machinery for the restaurant trade.  
Visitor profile:

Professional public: food and wine distributors, foodservice buyers, restaurateurs, food and agriculture industries, administrations and associations, colleges, chefs, oenologists, specialist shops, journalists and gastronomic critics, among others.

Gourmet public. 





T 93 883 30 45 / T 981 59 23 33

Del 12 al 14 de marzo inscripciones presenciales en la entrada del recinto