Useful information

Fórum Gastronómico A Coruña 2017 will take place in ExpoCoruña from 12nd to 14th March 2017. To take part in the workshops advance registration is required, which can be done via the web. 

Tickets: €10/day (this ticket gives access to the trade fair and the sessions held in the Auditorium, but not the workshops). Minors accompanied by an adult enter free.

Workshops:  €20.  With each purchase you will receive one free entrance ticket for the trade fair. If workshops for several people are bought together, you will only receive one ticket for the trade fair.  However if the workshop tickets are bought separately you will receive one trade fair ticket for each order. Please be punctual to ensure the smooth running of all activities.  

Agora: €13. Include tasting. Previous inscription is required. 

Auditorium:  Free access with the entrance ticket to the trade fair.

Opening times:  10am to 8pm

Schools:  Special discounts are available for hotel schools.  For more information, please contact us ( Telephone: 93 883 30 45). Places are limited.

Hotels: Spacial discounts. For more information download this pdf.



T 93 883 30 45 / T 981 59 23 33

Del 12 al 14 de marzo inscripciones presenciales en la entrada del recinto