Prizes and awards

The InnoFòrum prizes, sponsored by Gas Natural Fenosa, the aim of these prizes is to acknowledge and acclaim the aspect of innovation in the gastronomic field in the following categories: the most innovative product, the most creative packaging and the most original flavour. The prize is for products which have been launched in the market in the 12 months prior to the dates of the FòrumGastronomic.  Please ask for the corresponding forms if you wish to take part in the prizes. 

The Cociñeiro Novo 2017, sponsored by La Voz de Galicia, award is presented to up and coming young chefs who use locally sourced organic produce in collaboration with local producers and collaborate in spreading these new ideas.

The Picadillo Awards is given to professionals in the food and wine industry, they can be from any ambit; chefs, oenologists, maîtres d’hôtel, food producers and writers are all eligible for this prize.

The Pulpeiro contest  is a long held tradition in Galica, testing the cooking of octopus.  There are three prizes and the competition is open to all those professionals who wish to demonstrate their skill in cooking a good octopus.  


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